School Safety Kit

$23.00 - $40.00
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The mini Kit comes with the Bee Handy Sanitizer, Chapstick and Healing Cream. The large has everything listed below. 

Bee Handy Sanitizer contains 75% Alcohol, propolis and essential oils that are Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral. It’s super moisturizing and won’t dry out your hands! 

Beeswax Chapstick keeps lips moist with constant mask use! 

Bee Relief is for anxiety and headaches! It also helps relieve joint and muscle pain. Apply to temples, under the nose or the back of your neck!

Healing Cream helps heal dry cracked skin after repeated hand washing. 

Propolis Throat Spray is Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral! A great way to boost your immune system!! Just a few squirts a day! It’s a super delicious treat made with honey and propolis!